About Us

For nearly three decades, ENGworks has continuously developed new processes, tools and services for Architects, Engineers, Contractors, Trade Contractors, Construction Managers, Manufacturers, as well as Owners and Operators. Today, ENGworks is an internationally recognized Building Information Modeling (BIM) service and solutions provider.

Our Goal is to help our clients design and build better projects by saving construction costs and time through implementing the full potential of BIM; we have taken cutting edge technology, sharpened it, and then applied it to everything we know about BIM technology and the AECO Industry.

Our areas of expertise include BIM processes and standards throughout the life cycle of projects: From BIM Implementation and Training, to BIM Content Creation, to BIM Modeling in multiple platforms (Revit, Bentley, CADmep+, and many others), to BIM Coordination, Fabrication and Shop Drawings, to 4D Construction Scheduling, and through to Facilities Management.

We have extensive experience in the private sector producing work for Health Care, Commercial, Hospitality, Industrial, Infrastructure, Entertainment, Educational, and Institutional projects. We also collaborate with the public sector on projects for the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), Department of Defense (DoD), Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC), US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), United States Postal Service (USPS), and General Services Administration (GSA).

ENGworks has the combined experience of over 40 years of involvement and collaboration in the field of building technology and related services. We are supported by the talent and knowledge of over seventy-five highly skilled technical professionals from multiple office locations in the Americas, including Los Angeles, Chicago, Sao Paulo, and Cordoba. Along with our strategic partners in the UK, Australia, Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Chile, Malaysia, and China, ENGworks currently participates in projects on a global scale, offering verifiably superior services and project support, all the while continuing to develop the unrealized potential of BIM.

ENGworks’ mission is first to our customer’s success but also to the AEC/O industry as a whole. Our main focus is to concentrate on our clients’ projects success, a high standard of excellence, a can-do attitude as well as extensive expertise. ENGworks strives to be recognized for being exceptionally professional, accountable, and easy to work with. Building long term alliances with the leaders of the Industries and markets we are in is very important to us.

ENGworks’ vision is to further develop and successfully implement the full potential of Building Information Modeling (BIM), 3D Intelligent Modeling, and Integrated Project Delivery (IPD). Our purpose is to help our clients design and construct more efficient projects, while saving them valuable time and money.


We value the quality of being up-front, honest, open, and sincere. At ENGworks, we believe that a transparent and open attitude between our team, clients, and vendors is crucial for everyone’s success.


We are committed to attaining results and taking responsibility for our actions. At ENGworks, we work as one team in favor of a common goal. We believe that being accessible and responsive is equally as important as producing quality work. We encourage a positive, proactive, can-do attitude where each team member can count on one another. By extension, our clients trust that we will deliver a high-quality product, on time.


We believe our clients’ success brings our team and company success, and vice-versa. Our reputation creates opportunities for our employees to accomplish their professional goals, which ensures dedication to our clients and their projects.