Content Consulting

ENGworks values the Autodesk Revit® platform as the best Building Information Modeling (BIM) solution for building design. The Revit platform has defined, and is synonymous with, BIM. The implementation of BIM, as the new standard in all aspects of the life of a project, has been met with certain hurdles; these can be overcome with the right knowledge, tools, and experience. ENGworks has worked closely with Autodesk to become a Premier Provider for the Autodesk Content Network (ACN).

For the better part of 10 years, ENGworks has been developing useful data-rich building blocks for use in the AEC/O industry we have focused mainly on the MEP engineering/construction industry as we saw early on through our own engineering experience that there was a significant deficiency in quality content. Our QA process to this day requires our in-house engineering design team to test and validate every part that is developed by the experienced content team.