Enhanced Integration

Efficient execution of lifecycle management processes has become crucial to deliver products to market on time and to meet customers’ specific requirements. ENGworks possesses a deep understanding of business processes and functional solutions. In working with various technology applications, owners, and consultants over the years, we have explored different ways to deliver effective and valuable solutions to our clients. Together, effectiveness and efficiency impact spending inside the lifecycle process and the potential revenue impact.

The end goal is to deliver a federated 3D model with information and documentation linked into one repository.

ENGworks has developed a revolutionary process that enhances the existing design and construction process by breaking down barriers and providing transparency. The Enhanced Integration (EI) process takes technology, sharpens it and facilitates collaboration.

ENGworks has identified these as benefits of the EI process:

  • Owner Priority - Transparency Throughout the Process
  • Design Accuracy - Entire Team Alignment
  • Lower Cost, Time Savings – Virtualization / Simulation
  • Lower Risk - Early Constructability Review
  • Added Value, Better Quality - As-Built/Coordination/Federated Models with COBie Data Connected
  • Well Documented - Centralized and Standardized File Sharing Location for All Projects

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  • Project Scope Assessment for optimum VDC to IWMS workflow development
  • Project Lifecycle BIM Execution Plan (LBEP) Development
  • Enhanced Integration Process Management / Process Implementation
  • Smart Document Integration
  • Collision Detection (Design through Construction)
  • Asset standard development and implementation